Think That's A Dog? Watch Till The End For A Hilarious Surprise

The cat had strategically placed dark spots on its fur and it sat in a manner that made it appear like a dog's head.

A couple in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, saw what appeared to be a dog's head on the terrace of a neighbour's house. Not being sure, they zoomed their camera to get a clearer look - and what they saw left them surprised. It turned out that what they had believed to be a dog's head was actually a cat. The incident occurred on December 23 and was shared by ViralHog on January 4. The video has recorded more than 12,000 views on YouTube

The video showed a black and white animal on a terrace at a distance, looking very much like a dog. As the camera zoomed, it started becoming clear that it was a dog's head – until the animal moved a little. The animal turned its head, which was hitherto not visible to the people, and surprised everyone.

“We found the cat in the video by chance from our balcony. When my girlfriend saw it, she asked, ‘Is that a dog on the roof?' Her mother said it was a cat. We couldn't believe it,”  the person behind the video was quoted as saying.

Many people commented on the post, saying they too were misled into believing it was a dog.

“I didn't see it on tablet, I saw a dog head,” said a YouTube user.

Another said, “I don't believe my own eyes.”

A third person, weirdly, mistook it for a chicken. “I thought it was a chicken. Wow hahaha.”

“They're evolving,” said a person, adding heart and smiling emojis.

Interestingly, the phrase “cats and dogs” – as in, it's raining cats and dogs – likely originated from the Greek expression cata doxa, which means “contrary to experience or belief”.

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