Alanna Panday, Who Got Engaged At Her Home, Shares Glimpses From The Ceremony

The model got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Ivor McCray in November

Alanna Panday, Who Got Engaged At Her Home, Shares Glimpses From The Ceremony

Alanna Panday in a still from the video. (courtesy: alannapanday)


  • Alanna got engaged to her boyfriend Ivor last year
  • She shared a video from the ceremony
  • "Like it was yesterday," Ivor commented
New Delhi:

Ananya Panday's cousin and model Alanna Panday is living in a daze. She just can't get over her fairy-tale engagement to long time boyfriend Ivor McCray. Proof? The model has posted a set of clips from their dreamy engagement that took place in November last year. Well, we can't blame Alanna. After all, the album has stuck to our minds too. From intimate moments of sharing a kiss with her fiancé to the candid embraces shared by her with family and friends, Alanna's latest video shows all of it in six seconds. In the background, we hear the dramatic melody of Ludovico Einaudi's Experience. Alanna captioned the clip with no words but added only a symbol of the infinity loop. That's more than enough to send her message across to her followers. 

Back in November, the Internet witnessed  Alanna Panday's intimate Indian engagement. The ceremony took place amidst close friends and family members at her Mumbai home. She made it clear that the date of their wedding had not yet been decided. Alanna wrote on Instagram Stories, "Also people that are asking when the wedding is - we are not gonna have it for another year and a half. Haven't even thought of a date yet. All we know for sure is that we are gonna be having two weddings to embrace  both our cultures." 

Ivor McCray sent the Internet abuzz with excitement when he proposed to Alanna Panday at a beach in the Maldives. The grand proposal was captured in stunning photos that Alanna shared on her Instagram page. She wrote, "Didn't realise it was possible to love another human this much until I  met you. Thank you for making me smile every day and loving me unconditionally. You truly make me the happiest human on this planet.  Ivor, I can't wait to have a family with you." The couple received congratulatory messages from Alanna's mom Deanne Panday, aunt Bhavana Panday and friends Alaviaa Jaaferi and Aditi Bhatia.

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